Nicholson Family Funerals - When your family neds our family

Why have a Funeral?
A Funeral is for those that are left behind following a death.It is a celebration of the deceased’s life. Everyone who was involved with the deceased is offered a chance to say goodbye & to share in the celebration of their life.

Will There Be A Post Mortem?
Not all deaths require a Post Mortem.Deaths requiring a post mortem usually involve:-*Accidents*Suicide*Unexpected or Sudden Death*If the deceased has not seen a Doctor in the past few months.*The Deceased’s family request a post mortem.

Burial or Cremation?
If the wishes of the deceased are known, these should be followed.If no wishes have been indicated this is a decision only thefamily can make.

What about a viewing?
Viewings are an individual choice. Some people find a viewing helps with the grieving process, as they can come to terms with what has happened. Other people prefer to remember the person as they last saw them. A viewing can provide an opportunity to place cards, letters or other momentos with the deceased.

What Happens To The Coffin When The Body is Cremated?
The coffin is cremated with the body, and all accommodate one coffin at a time, hence one body is cremated at a time. Each lot of ash remains passes through an identification process where the nameplate with your loved ones details accompanies them throughout.

Is Cremation Less Expensive Than Burial?
Generally Yes. This is primarily due to the cost of the burial site.

When do we receive the ashes back?
Ashes are generally available 7-10 Days after the cremation has taken place. Our staff can guide you through the many options available for placement of ashes.

How Do I Get A Death Certificate?
We apply for a Death Certificate to the Register of Birth, Deaths & Marriages on your behalf after the funeral. A Death Certificate generally takes up to 3 weeks to process from the registry, depending on application demand. The Death Certificate is sent to us to be checked for accuracy against the information that we collect from the family, before we issue to the next of kin/Person organising the Funeral.