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William Andrew Nicholson arrived in Australia from Scotland on the “LA HOGUE” in 1850.
William raised his family at Harrington where he was a pilot master.
Continuing a long family tradition the family soon established themselves in the fishing industry as their fore fathers had done in Scotland.

William Andrew Nicholson

This tradition also extended to boat building with the family constructing many of their own fleet.
A familiar fishing trawler in Tuncurry was the “Eldorado”. This trawler was built and operated by Jimmy Nicholson and his sons. The boat continued to operate in Tuncurry by the family up until the 1970’s, when it was sold due to ill health. 

   The trawler utilised in our business     
       logo is derived from this boat.

    In 2010 the family celebrated 160     
       years of settlement in the area.