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Hilder, Shirley
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Hilder, Shirley

Hilder,Shirley "Shirl", "Nan Shirl"
Passed away peacefully Wednesday 8th June 2016.
Beloved wife of Walter (Dec)
Loved mum of Anne, Maz & Wal.
An inspirational Grandmother to 10.
Great Grandmother to many.

Aged 83 Years

Shirley's funeral service will be held
Wednesday 15th June 2016 at the Manning Great Lakes
Memorial Gardens Crematorium, Taree commencing at


Coffins & Caskets


As a Funeral Director, Im often asked the difference between a Coffin & a Casket.
Whilst today a lot of people refer to a "Coffin" as the "Casket", this is in fact not true.

A "Casket" is rectangular in appearance,and does not follow the contours of the deceased.

where as a "Coffin", tapers in at the shoulder, foot and head ends giving a more contoured outline of the deceased.